cornish wild flower walk

It’s National Gardening Week this week and whilst our garden is looking in dire need of a good tending, we abandoned our domestic horticultural responsibilities in favour of a walk up the lane and some wild flower spotting.

The hedgerows are amazing down in Cornwall, you don’t have to look far before you start spotting blooms in the undergrowth. The gorse is in flower just about every day of the year, crocosmia have naturalised and run riot, wild honeysuckle tangles in the hedges, tiny Devon violets shrink in the grass and the periwinkle, bluebells and daisies have just started to open up in more sheltered spots.

Here’s a few photos we took on our dog walk this morning.


Forget me not

Wild primroses


Blackthorn blossom

Grape hyacinth

Wild flower in Cornwall

Devonshire violet



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