the unicorn, porthtowan

Unicorn Pub PorthtowanIn the past eight years or so, The Unicorn in Porthtowan has played second fiddle to it’s rather successful neighbour, The Blue Bar. It’s changed hands on almost a yearly basis and never quite hit the spot with either the locals or visitors. Until now.

A year or so ago it was bought by some ‘up country’ folk – who I believe also own and run a bar in south London. They’ve taken this ugly duckling of a building, given it a good lick of tasteful dark paint inside, lots of retro furniture, fairy lights, plants, a pool table and essentially some a good sound system. And that’s not all, they’ve also incorporated a private little cinema room – which is available for hire, as well a few surfer bunk rooms. What with this, a good Sunday roast, a packed schedule of music and a newly aquired sea view (thanks to the ever moving sand dune) and you’ve got a real contender to Blue. In fact if I had to choose, I’d choose The Unicorn.

They’re really dog friendly, in fact when we went for a roast it was served with a side order of meat trimmings for the Black Dog. Which means, as far as his ratings are going on places to eat and drink, The Unicorn is currently racing ahead in position number one.



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