treyarnon to booby’s bay

I was chatting to a keen surfer at work a while ago, discussing our favourite beaches. After telling him about Poly Joke and how we loved it’s wildness, he suggested we visit Booby’s Bay. And we did, eventually, on a wet, windy winter’s day.

Booby’s Bay is not too far from us, just a swift half hours drive up the coast towards Padstow. The bay faces west to the west of Trevose headland and it joins up with Constantine Bay. We parked up at Treyarnon west again of Constantine where there’s a car park (free in winter), a lifeguard station (not open in winter) and a deep cove of sand, banked on both sides by cliffs and the south west coastal path. Heading out from here we hugged the edge of the land, stealing glimpses far out down the coast to Bedruthan Steps, whilst the wind whipped out our ears. Clambering straight down on to the rocks we found lots of rock pools full of rich blue water and slippery with blankets of seaweed.

Constantine Bay sweeps east, backed by dunes and connected to Booby’s Bay by a rocky outstretch. At low tide there’s an expanse of sand, which when we visited was pretty much deserted, with just a handful of walkers striding out for a breath of fresh air. On our return journey we stuck to the path, which climbs above the rocks, past a few enviably located houses and to our delight a YHA, with a café which was open and serving food. We were also blessed with a spot of sunshine, which meant we ordered some chips and a cup of hot chocolate and sat out the front, with the black dog and a couple of rather cheeky birds who kept trying to steal our food.

treyarnon cornwall

treyarnon, cornwall

view to trevose headland

view over constantine bay

view from constantine bay to booby's bay

beach plastic

black dog at constantine bay cornwall

view out to sea at Booby's Bay

yha treyarnon cornwall


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