the miracle theatre and the tempest

Our favourite theater company are on their summer tour of outdoor spaces. And this year The Miracle Theatre are celebrating old Will’s 450th Birthday with their own rather special rendition of The Tempest.

We went to see it at Mount Pleasant Eco Park last Friday. The amphitheater there is built out of old tyres, now grown over with grass, with living willow hedges and magnificent views out the back, down the valley to the sea at Porthtowan. It was a beautiful summer’s evening, the sunset rich and lush and the moon full.

Despite not actually knowing the original script, my well-read friend gave me a quick low-down whilst we cracked open the ciders and waited for the performance to start – plus I read John Fowles ‘Magus’ earlier this year, a story heavily wrapped in Tempest iconography (or so I’ve read, anyway…)

As always the show was brilliant – the stage great, the costumes as ever a little dog eared, the script hilarious, and to top it all off Ben Dyson wore a dress – well, alright it was a skirt and we were getting a little bit twitchy as it didn’t happen until very near the end, but it happened and it made us very happy. Just to reassure, this isn’t some sort of weird fetish we have, it’s just that for the past 6 years or so we’ve been to see The Miracle plays and they always manage to squeeze a dame into the scripts (apart from Waiting for Godot) and that dame is usually in the form of Ben, and he’s hilarious as it.

As well as Ben in a dress, we thought Hannah Stephens was brilliant as Miranda, her debut performance since graduating in drama from Queen Mary’s, bringing with her a brilliantly comic character very fitting of the Miracle. And of course Ciaran Clark was hilarious as always, just his face makes us smile!

Oh and there was some ad-lib with some Pringles :)

They’re touring throughout the south west all summer, in beautiful outdoor locations – go see them, you won’t be disappointed.

For info on the show and dates:

Miracle Theatre

Full summer moon


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