sunny day on perran dunes

Dog walking on Perran Dunes

The weather was beautiful down here on Sunday. After two days of heavy rain, spring popped it’s head out from behind the clouds again. So we took a jaunt out over Perran Dunes, a SSI area and also where our Patron Saint, St. Piran first stepped onto Cornish soil.

As you head into Perranporth from Goonhavern, take a right turning on the hard left bend, just before the Haven Perran Sands caravan park. There’s parking on grass verges and miles and miles of sand dunes which dip down onto the huge expanse of beach. And up on the north side of the dunes, by the MOD fence, is the remains of the lost church, swallowed by the sands and eventually moved a few miles away to Perranwell, the buried Oratory founded by St. Piran and this handsome Celtic cross.

I’ll do a full post about the walks around here very soon. This was just to share some spring warmth today.


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