skunk cabbage, cornwall

We found a whole bunch of these growing on the edge of a little stream on one of our morning walks the other day. They’re so lush and green and tiny flowers cluster on this huge, bold spear. Apparently these gorgeous flowers are unpleasant smelling, but I can’t say we noticed.

Here’s a bit of info via the RHS:

Lysichiton americanus AGM (Yellow Skunk Cabbage)
Plant type – Aquatic, Bog or Herbaceous Perennial
Habit – Clump-forming
Fragrance – Flower
Resilience – Hardiness, H4 (hardy)
Flower – Yellow in Spring
Foliage – Green in Summer
Ultimate height – 1-1.5 metres
Ultimate spread – 0.5-1 metres
Time to ultimate height – 5-10 years



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