simple pleasures

After a few years of getting soggy legs on wet walks, I asked my Dad for some waterproof trousers for Christmas and they’re now one of my favourite things.

They’re such a simple solution to an age old problem, that’s what makes wearing them so satisfying. (I have a similar relationship with swimming goggles; having not worn them since I was a small child I invested in a pair in my twenties and was awestruck by their pureĀ genius!)

Anyway, all this means that rainy morning walks are never a bone of contention for us. I don’t think I have ever woken up and thought ‘God, I can’t be bothered to take the Black Dog out this morning’. I always look forward to it, and when it rains, well, I get to pull on my pleasing waterproof trousers.

And the Black Dog? He doesn’t care what the weather’s like, in fact rain means he gets a good old towelling and he rather loves that.

Wet Black Dog


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