september sun, woodland walks

black labrador in sunshine

Autumn has definitely arrived and down here in Cornwall you can smell it in the air.

On the early morning dog walks the fresh air stings your nostrils, the black dog pants out a cloud of steam, the hedgerows hang heavy with a bounty of fruit, and the sun takes a different tilt. And if it’s bright and clear, this is one of my favourite times of the year.

For our morning walks we simply step outside the front door and stroll up the lane, along a tunnel of trees and up to the wooded Iron Age fort that sits not far from our house. At this time of year, the shifting position of the sun in the sky creates a beautiful play through the leaves and undergrowth. And it got me thinking about what the best woodland walks were in Cornwall, places where you could enjoy the play of the September sun. So here’s a few ideas I came up with.

Kennall Vale Nature Reserve
Hidden in the lush valley of Ponsanooth is the little known gem of Kennall Vale Nature Reserve. Once the site of a thriving 19th Century gunpowder works, today nature has reclaimed the valley and it’s a wooded magical dingley dell.

Tehidy Woods
Part of the old Basset Estate, and now the biggest plot of woodland in West Cornwall. Covering 9 miles square you’ll find giant clumps of bamboos, an oak woodland, old leats, tranquil ponds, and huge ancient trees.

Roundwood Quay
Found down the end of a very bumpy lane, past a small clutch of gorgeous waterfront houses, the quay itself looks out over the bucolic Cowlands Creek. But the site is also home to a wooded Iron Age fort.

Idless Woods
A rare forested spot in central Cornwall, Idless Woods is stuffed with larch and beech trees and rushing streams that run right the way through the plot.



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