roundwood quay, truro

Roundwood Quay, Cornwall

The sun was out down here on Saturday and we were half tempted to get the canoe out on the Carrick Roads (more on that in later blogs) but decided instead to visit on foot at Roundwood Quay, near Truro.

Found down the end of a very bumpy lane and past a small clutch of gorgeous little waterfront houses, the Quay itself is a granite quoined affair, with the current structure believed to date back to the 18th Century, when it would have been a busy trading post for copper and tin.

But as well as the quay, which looks out over the bucolic Cowlands Creek and over the water to the Smugglers, the site is also home to a wooded Iron Age fort, with earth ramparts still in evidence today.

These days it’s owned by the National Trust and is perfectly tranquil. The quay itself is a great place to watch boats pass up and down the river, whilst there’s a pebbly, muddy beach for swimming and birdwatching, as well as a formal pathway that trails around the edges of the water and forms part of the Trelissick/Roundwood loop walk.

When we were down there the tide was in; we saw lots of fish basking in the thick blue water, swans cruising in the creeks and the black dog got a good swim. It’s actually one of the rare occasions where I’ve seen him swim properly (he usually likes to keep his feet on the floor), but the water was flat and the tide slack so presumably the perfect conditions. I didn’t get in the water, still a little too cool for me, but I did get my feet out! For the first time this year.

Roundwood Quay, Cornwall
The view back to Cowlands Creek

National Trust Roundwood QuayRoundwood Quay

Roundwood, Cornwall
A path way up into the Iron Age fort

Roundwood Quay, CornwallView down through the trees into the water

Fish in Carrick Roads, CornwallFish basking in the shallows

Roundwood Quay, Cornwall
Looking up river over towards the Smugglers, on the Tregothnan Estate

Black dog swimming, CornwallThe Black dog going for a swim

Black dog mid shake
Mid shake, post swim

Feet in flipflops, CornwallSummer feet! 

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    • Hi Emma,yes you can. Either at the top of the byway by road, or follow the byway right down, past a few houses on the creek and then into a small national trust car park. Enjoy!

  3. Hi Emma. If you are going to take Sian’s advice, have a flask of tea and a few sarnies. Whatever the weather, Roundwood is a special place to love, as many have done down the years.

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