ray of sunshine

Cornish Gorse FlowersThere’s a saying in Cornwall, “if the gorse is out of blossom, then kissin’s outta fashion”. And luckily for us, the gorse if very rarey – if ever – out of blossom.

Even on the greyest days, it burns bright against the steely skies.

It’s a real icon on the landscape, carpeting great swathes of the cliff top, hillside and moorland. It’s windsculpted mounds of prickly green studded with rich yellow flowers, which on hot days fill the air with a sweet, coconut fragrance. If I could bottle this smell I would. It’s a signature not just of the beauty of the Cornish countryside, but also reminds me of countless summers in Norfolk and hours of den building in a landscape far removed from Cornwall, yet where the yellow flowered gorse blooms brightly.


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