one last hurrah! before easter


Easter weekend signals the start of the seasonal beach ban for dogs in Cornwall, which means there’ll be lots of our favourite jaunts out of action for another six months. So we took a trip down to the old favourite Porthtowan today to make the most of the remaining canine freedom before the crowds hit town.

We know most of the rest of the country is buried under a foot of snow at the moment, and we’re not. But it was extremely baltic on the beach. The black dog did take a bit of a paddle, but unusally for him, didn’t get right in – and I don’t really blame him.

The beach here is renowned for it’s waves and even today there were plenty of mad/adventurous men clad in black neoprene fighting with the surf.

Surfers Portowan March

If you’re not up for surfing it’s still a great place to get out and about with the hounds. On a low tide there’s Lushington to the west and about two miles of sand to the east, stretching all the way up to Chapel Porth, where you can pick up a tasty snack at the National Trust caff.

On low tide the beach is cut back to a sandy/pebbly affair – like today, with a stream pouring in from the valley, but there are still good walks to be had if you’ve got the energy and leg power to climb up the cliff paths which form part of the south west coast path.

If you’re looking for food and drink the Blue Bar is a popular spot and dog friendly too.

This is Sally with a sandy nose, who was out with us today.



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