national black dog day

national black dog day

It was National Black Dog Day yesterday – shame on us we missed it, but in my credit I was probably busy feeding/walking/petting/loving my very own black dog, so I’m not going to feel too bad about it.

For me the colour of my dog has never been a big issue, it’s more about personality, so I find the concept that black dogs are unpopular as very strange indeed. But apparently it is an issue.

They’re harder to rehome, even when they’re cute little puppies, which means there are a whole lot more of them desperately waiting for adoption. Lots of reasons have¬†been associated to this issue – that their fur colour doesn’t photograph as well, that they blend into the shadows in kennels, that perhaps they just look a little bit too ordinary. The colour black also has also been associated with ‘evil’ and ‘bad luck’ in myth and folklore, and amazingly for some people this is the reason they won’t adopt a black animal.

So to help combat the problem, National Black Dog Day was born. And we’re here to give it a bit of a thumbs up. After all, my black dog is just that – black, and whilst he may not necessarily¬†be the most unique dog with regard to fur colour, he is certainly a very unique character and I wouldn’t want any other.

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  1. I personally prefer black dogs adoption over any other. I myself have an affection for both black dog and cat. I think these are extremely charming and beautiful creatures and temper has nothing to do with their coat colour.

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