miracle theatre at perran round

Summer just wouldn’t be summer without a dose of outdoor performance from the Miracle Theatre. A roving company that’s been gracing lawns, landmarks and beauty spots with annual productions, more often than not of the tongue in cheek variety, since 1979.

We’ve been going for the past 5 years or so, to a few different spots on the tour, including the Italian gardens at Pencarrow, the lawns at the Elizabethan manor Trerice, a recycled car tyre amphitheatre at Mount Pleasant Eco Park and of course Perran Round – the first place that the Miracle Theatre ever performed and an ancient playing place where miracle plays would have been performed in the Medieval era (you see what they’ve done there!)

In the time that we’ve been following them they’ve performed the 17th Century satire Tartuffe, Sherlock Holmes, Romeo and Juliette, The Importance of Being Ernest and Frankenstein, to name just a few. And one of the consistent themes, alongside the distinctly middle class audience with booze infused picnics, has been a dame, a man dressing up and playing the part of a woman, and this man is usually Ben Dyson.

This summer they’re in the middle of their Waiting for Godot tour, Samuel Beckett’s famous absurdist play exploring the futility of existence, the political/religious/social/psychoanalytical interpretations of which has been hotly debated since the premier in 1953.

But to be honest we were disappointed, not with the weather (it was beautifully clear), not with the delivery (Angus Brown as Vladimir and Steve Jacobs as GoGo were brilliant), but because Ben Dyson didn’t wear a dress. When he came on the stage as Pozzo, a man, we have to say we let a little sigh escape. We were rather hoping they would have somehow crowbarred a mother-in-law into the play.

We still love them, but we’ll be making our feelings clear – we demand a dame in the shape of Ben Dyson for the SS14 production! :)

The tour continues until September 15th and it is great, so go see them. For more information: http://miracletheatre.co.uk

GoGo and Vladimir, Waiting for Godot, Perran Round

GoGo and Vladimir, Waiting for Godot, Perran Round

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