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I took a trip to lovely Lostwithiel last week. The black dog stayed at home – he had some business with a ball in the back garden to attend to. But I’ll definitely take him next time; it’s just up his street with a shallow, wide river, riverside walks and park, virtually deserted streets, dog friendly shops and Restormel Castle, the seat of the Black Prince, which is apt as we quite often refer to the black dog as the prince.

I truly love Lostwithiel. It’s a great little town which has a warm sleepy feel to it – the sun is always shining when I call by. As well as all the above it has more than its fair share of antique and up-market junk shops, making it the antiques capital of Cornwall, a gorgeous grassy riverside with picnic benches and community barbecues, a medieval arched bridge and a Francophile air to the quiet little back streets. There’s also a lovely Gothic church, St. Bartholomew’s  which has some really interesting headstones in the churchyard, a lot of which are in slate and bear incredibly intricate type, skull and cross bones and hearts.

Founded by the Normans in the 11th Century, at the same time that the original castle was built, the area sat at an influential point on the River Fowey so became an important site for commerce and trade. In the 14th Century it became the central point of the Cornish tin trade and the Stannary was opened to administer the industry. And in the 17th Century the town was sacked during a parliamentary siege.

Phew, quite a history. No wonder the place is having a bit of down time at the moment.

For more info:

Medieval bridge, Lostwithiel, Cornwall

Bridge sign, Lostwithiel, Cornwall

Citroen 2CV

Wall flowers and ferns

Granite door arch, Lostwithiel, Cornwall

Baby head, antiques shop, Lostwithiel, Cornwall

Grave headstone, Lostwithiel, Cornwall

Slate love heart

Restormel Castle, Lostwithiel, Cornwall

Restormel Castle, Lostwithiel, Cornwall

Restormel Castle, Lostwithiel, Cornwall


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