happy international happy day!

So, today is International Happiness Day, whatever that means. Which got me thinking about what truly makes me happy. And it’s far from all the complicated trappings of fast cars and big money. It’s more the simple things that bring a deep seated smile to my face, the warmth of a sunny spring day after a long wet, windy winter, the sight of bright yellow cheerful daffs in the garden, and my dog. He’s constantly making me happy, making me laugh – in fact he is the embodiment of happiness, especially when we visit the beach and he finds a stick. Each day is a fresh slate for him, there’s never any grudges to be held or disappointments to dwell on, in his world great things are just about to happen, all the time. And I hope that attitude rubs off on me sometimes.

So these pictures make me happy, of his little paw during one of our morning lie ins and him on the beach at Perranporth.

happiness is


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