cornish beach flora

You can find wild blooms in Cornwall anytime of the year. Even in the depths of winter on the back of the sand dunes.

The dunes at Perranporth are an SSI and whilst they may look fairly barren and homogeneous on first glance, if you get up close, with an eye to the ground, there’s loads going on. A miniature world in fact of  flora and fauna.

This is at it’s richest in the summer on the route over the back of the dunes by the Lost Church. But even in the middle of winter down on the town dunes there are blooms and greenery. Here are a few piccies we took yesterday. The sun was out, the tide was low and we headed out for a walk on the beach, cutting across the dunes before dropping down past the surf school. Enjoy!



evening primrose

black dog on perranporth dunes

cornish flora

cornish flora

dog walk on perranporth beach cornwall


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