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Blue Wave Cafe HayleWe stumbled across this little gem of a caff just a few weeks ago – check out the ridiculously sunny picture, you’d never believe it was taken in December would you?

Anyway, we struck out down the north coast a bit to the glorious stretch of sand around Hayle, or the Towans as they’re locally known, which stretch all the way from Gwithian to Porth Kidney Beach – all of which are dog friendly all year, hurray!

We parked the car at Mexico Towans, there’s a little car park within the St. Ives Bay Holiday Park complex, where you’ll need to pay a £1 for 2 hours. Drive all the way down, as far as you can, until you think you’re about to launch off the dunes and straight on to the beach, and here you’ll find this lovely little blue oasis.

Stupidly I forgot to take a note of its name – it’s something like Blue Wave – but what I do know is that it’s a gem a spot to sit after a long dog walk on the beach and suck up a hot drink and piece of cake. It boasts a ‘proper’ coffee machine, serving Origin coffee, and they mix up a mean hot chocolate – I had mine slathered in cream and bedecked with marshmallows. There are also big slabs of cake, snacks and a sandwich menu.

We sat on the chairs out front looking at the view over the beach all the way to St. Ives, whilst the Black Dog snuffled about casing the joint for crumbs.

I’m not 100% sure what the ‘official’ opening hours are, but I suspect it’s whenever the weather’s good enough ;)

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