cardinham woods

cardinham woods bodmin A brilliant piece of woodland, slap bang in the middle of Cornwall, catering for just about anyone who needs a bit of a forest fix.

We come here for a number of reasons, with the Black Dog of course for long walks on the fire tracks, along streams and over bridges, striking off piste to clamber up in amongst the trees. We come here on mountain bikes – at the beginning of 2013 a vast network of single track was opened and it’s incredible and accessible for all abilities. The tracks have been brilliantly engineered so you’ll barely know you’re climbing an ascent. And we even come here in our car, as part of the Classic Road Reliability Test, which runs in Cardinham Woods on usually the first Sunday of November and is immense fun to watch and take part in.

It’s also geared up for families, with BBQ spots by the river, children’s trails and workshops. Horses and riders are also welcomed. Plus there’s the gorgeous little Woods Cafe, which serves up all manner of delicious homemade treats.

It’s brilliant at any time of year, but especially in the summer to escape the crowds on the beach. If it gets busy here you don’t have to go far on the trails before you’ll find yourself pretty much alone with just the trees for company.

Cardinham Woods is owned by the Forestry Commission and is made up of Callywith, Lidcutt, Callabarrett, Deviock, Parsonage, Hurtstocks, Margate and Quarry Hill woods.

There is a pay & display car park at the main entrance by Woods Cafe.

cardinham woods bodmin

cardinham woods bodmin


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