a new year, new boots

About 5 years ago I invested in a pair of Scarpa boots and since then they’ve carried me about 3,500 miles. But after years of daily walks through the rain, wind, sunshine, wind and rain and very little care from yours truly, they’ve finally come to the end of their life.

A few weeks ago they sprung a leak on the right boot. So I switched to some horrible, cheap, cold wellies. Which sprung a leak in the left boot. So after seriously considering wearing one boot from each pair, I splashed out on a new pair of Scarpa. And whilst they’re just as lovely and comfy as the old pair, and they’re shiny and new, and more importantly water tight, I love my old boots. I shan’t be throwing them away. They have too much history to their name. Too many miles trodden. Up and down, and up and down the lane on morning dog walks, right the way through the seasons. Along beaches throughout Cornwall, on cliff tops, through woodlands and over moors.

So they’ll stay with me, like old friends relegated to retirement. And some days I’ll get them out for special, familiar outings. But only when it’s dry.


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