a blaze of cornish gold. daffodil season

Daffodil fields, Falmouth, Cornwall

Spring might be reluctant in stepping forward this year – the last couple of weeks have been colder than anything we’ve experienced throughout the entire winter season. And we’re so close to spring!

But there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon, in the guise of the daffodil fields. Down here they’re grown commercially, en mass, which turns huge swathes of the countryside a gorgeous blaze of gold. And now that the evenings are ever so slightly lighter it means that when I’m driving home from work I get this as one of my views. Beautiful.

The daffodils come earlier in Cornwall than anywhere in the UK. And since the arrival of rail in the 19th Century they’ve been a huge source of revenue for the county. There was a really interesting programme on Radio 4 last year, if you like Cornwall and flowers you’re gong to like this: The Flower Fields, Radio 4.

Sadly the black dog wasn’t with me – he gets to go to work with the man in a van. He doesn’t have quite the right social skills for an office environment :)

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