a black dog shout out

This is Leonard. He’s a five year old Labrador and lives with my Pa in Essex, who adopted him about a year and a half ago from the Labrador Rescue. He’s a pure bred chap, with a lovely temperament and all the usual Lab trappings, including an obsession with food and balls, mostly. But he also comes with some of the other less attractive trappings that include bad hips, and unfortunately for him epilepsy.

In the past few months, despite being on a high dosage of medication, his attacks have got worse and more frequent. And Pops has decided to do some further investigations to find out if there’s anything else that might be exasperating the problem. So the lovely Lenny is off for an MRI scan tomorrow. And this is just a big black dog shout out to send our love.

We’ll let you know how it goes.

  1. Am afraid to say that although he woke me up early this morning I think we must be short of food. He gave me my morning pills, just to be irritating I never open my mouth for them, I sit down and hold my mouth as tightly shut as possible. Then usually the good part – a big bowl of food, but this morning nothing. He has had his cereal and cup of tea, he seems to have forgotten me. I still had to take him for his morning walk and there is still lots of snow on the ground, but decided not to swim so we could get home more quickly and hopefully food!!! No luck. The start of a strange day. Lenny

  2. The strange day is over. Now I know what an MRI scan is, not that I can remember anything about that part, the most enjoyable part of the day was being examined by the lovely Anita. Lovely hands all over my body. I did demonstrate my appreciation by wagging my tail. When we came home I felt very strange, a bit wobbly. I went to sleep while they did their investigating, but almost back to normal now. When I looked in the mirror this morning it looks as though I have been attacked by moths. I have a shaved front leg, a big bald patch at the back of my head and one on my neck. Have I started shedding? I hope I’m not going bald and will have to wear a coat and possibly a “rug”. I don’t want to become “Bald Dog”. Nothing else to report. Anita said that I had one small bit of damage on my brain, but nothing else that makes me feel weird some days. I think that I must have been good as he has increased the number of pills that he is giving me in the morning. More special treats. Yum Yum. Lenny

  3. I am not going a way this weekend but I have my dog friend Ollie coming to stay and we are great mates. I am usually very possessive about my food bowls but I do let Ollie share and he sometimes uses my bed by the radiator. We usually go to Brighton at the weekends to see the ‘ricecake lady’ but this week she is coming to us. She always allows me a rice cake after my morning walk and if I rest my head on her lap and look at her with my big eyes I am hard to resist.I practice this a lot! Anyway I shall probably be a bit tired for a few days still after my anaesthetic so am going to have a lie down. Lenny

  4. Have now recovered from Ollie’s visit. He wanted my bones and my bed! What does a chap do in the circumstances, but be hospitable. Ollie came with his man and the lovely Gail.We both tried to be well behaved and sat by the table when they were eating without success. A great pity. It’s been very cold , but I still have to take him out in the morning all very tiresome. I keep looking in the mirror and I am relieved to say the moths do not seem to have returned. As I have been very good the number of pills that I’m getting has not decreased. Yummy yummy. People have been telephoning the man and asking how is Lenny? He says I’m fine, perhaps his eyesight is going and can’t see that I’ve been attacked by moths. I’m going to have to take him out soon. I’ll keep you posted on moth attacks. Lenny

  5. The moths have not returned and hair seems to be returning to my leg and kneck, but I have pointed out to him that the back of head has not improved will this become permanent? Maybe a small rug will be the trick? It’s quite embarassing, when I was taking him for his walk this evening some nosey parker wanted to know why I had a bald patch at the back of my head!!! He said it was where I had a lumbar puncture, whatever that is.I’m sure it was the moths. I can hear those pill bottles being picked, which means pills the food. It’s a dogs life. Lenny

  6. My mate who looks after me went and bought me a new bed as he thought I should have a thicker one like Ollie’s. It’s made of a thing called memory foam and the first time I stood on it I felt very wobbly! When he was asleep I crept off and slept in the hall. I have tried it a few times and I am now getting so used to it I want to go up to bed early!! We are off to the South Coast this weekend to see the rice cake lady and I will get even more strokes and cuddles. Its good to know I am needed. Lenny

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